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Product NumberProductManufacturerOn HandPriceUOM  
INFI-PW100C05 IEC C13 - IEC C14 POWER CABLE Infinite Cable 0 6.22 EA  
INFI-RF1001006 N MALE TO SMA M LMR195 6' Infinite Cable 6 23.39 EA  
INFI-RF1001010 N MALE TO SMA MALE LMR195 10' Infinite Cable 10 27.16 EA  
INFI-RF1001203 N MALE / SMA R/P MALE LMR195 3'Infinite Cable 2 32.89 EA  
INFI-RF1011210 F MALE /SMA R/P MALE LMR195 10'Infinite Cable 1 42.31 EA  
INFI-RF1101001.5 CABLE ASSY.-SMA(M)-SMA(M)-1.5' Infinite Cable 0 13.14 EA  
INFI-RF2011025 N F TO SMA M 25FT CABLE Infinite Cable 3 47.10 EA  
INFI-RF2011040 N F TO SMA M 40FT CABLE Infinite Cable 4 67.44 EA  
RAL-RF1001003 N MALE TO SMA MALE CABLE, 6" Infinite Cable 0 16.82 EA